What's the most important thing to think about when selling your home?

CURB APPEAL! No doubt about it.

How many times have we heard buyers say that they drove by, looked, and didn't even want to go inside? Too many to count! Here's how you can ensure buyers like what they see on the outside so they will want to tour the inside.

1) Paint the Exterior -- A fresh coat of paint on the siding and trim will make all the difference. Think about using neutral hues such as taupes, grays, and putties, something that will make the house blend in with surroundings and exude a cozy vibe. Painting all the trim white around the house, eaves, windows, and doors will make those accents pop. White or cream with darker trim is the latest trend, showing more of a modern look. Don't forget to paint your garage door, mailbox, decks, and fences.

2) Landscaping -- Simply keeping the lawn cut and green, bushes trimmed, and trees pruned packs a punch when it comes to curb appeal. Planting annuals to add seasonal color to flower beds, replacing wood bark, and removing weeds from planting areas and cracks in the driveway makes a big difference.

3) Remove Outdoor Clutter -- You don't want other items to detract from showcasing your home. Store extra vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. offsite. Keep garbage and recycling receptacles out of sight. Limit seasonal decorations, store any garden items, kids toys, sports equipment, and definitely pick up any litter.

4) Maintain the Roof -- The roof is one of the main concerns for buyers. "How old is the roof?" is a common question. If the roof looks old, the house may be deemed as a "fixer" and most people aren't interested. If you haven't replaced the roof lately, at least make sure that the moss is removed and any missing shingles or tiles are replaced. If you have a cedar roof, clean and seal it with an oil based wood preservative.

5) Create an Inviting Entry -- People's eyes are drawn to the entry of the house, so make sure your front entry is appealing! Paint or stain your front door and replace the hardware so it looks shiny and new. Add pots of floral color that frame the doorway or porch in a symmetrical way, sure to please the eye. Replace the doormat and keep it clean and free of clutter.

Those 5 items will get you going on improving your curb appeal and getting it ready to list on the market! Leave a comment if you have any questions or further ideas.